Industrial process blowers and fans sales, engineering of axial and centrifugal heav-duty high-capacity ventilators. Supply of custom made OEM blowers, fans and ventilators, as well as high pressure / high temperature fans blowers.

Supplier of regenerative blowers, positive displacement blowers, Acme fans, Delhi fans, fiberglass fans / FRP blowers, Plastec Propylene fan ventilators, American Coolair ILG ventilators & fans, Grainger ventilators, explosion proof blowers, power roof ventilators, replacement fan bldes / blower wheels.

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Cyclone dust collector stock of heavy-duty industrial oven exhauste fans, New York Blower pressure blowers, high temperature oven circulating fans and furnace blowers, combustion pressure blowers, exhaust and supply roof fans and wall ventilators, pneumatic conveying pressure blowers, vacuum blowers and fans, high temperature exhauste fans, heat ventilators and scroll cage blower fans.

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Canadian Blower, Chicago supplies replacement forward curved blowers and wheels for forward curved blowers and fans manufactured by Buffalo Blower.
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Canada Blower makes a wide variety of fans in many materials for use in general ventilation systems. Manufacturing processes and logistical storage of materials require air exhaust and supply rates that are detailed by industrial ventilation codes. Proper location of industrial unit heaters, along with fresh make-up air fans, provide air to work spaces. Canada Blower supplies exhaust fans and roof ventilators for heat removal that can create comfortable work spaces in most climate zones. Cafeterias, locker rooms and office spaces require additional systems that are usually specified by local codes. A Centrifugal fan can come in three different types of fan blades. They can come with forward curved blades, backward curved blades and straight radial blades. The type you need will come down to what the conditions are within the area in which you intend to use the device.
OEM industrial and turbo fans and blowers ventilators; high temperature pressure blowers and high temperature plug fans; oven exhaust fan blowers; filtered air make-up fan blowers.
PW Pressure Blowers:

- Straight radial blades of heavy cast aluminum for self cleaning feature, dynamically balanced and designed for efficient operation;
- Arc-welded 16GA steel housings and motor bases for rigidity and long life;
- Rotatable housing for a variety of discharge positions;
- AMCA tested and ASHRAE rated;
- Dessigned for industrial applications such as small exhaust systems where air is laden with dust or grit and also for supplying high pressure air for conveying and cooling.

Type HP Pressure Blowers:

- Capacities to 10,000 CFM @ 90";
- Efficiency... advanced wheel and aerodynamic housing combine for air-handling efficiency superior to conventional radial wheel designs;
- Lower sound levels;
- Stable Performance... the pressure curve remains stable from wide open to closed off... fan instability, or pulsation, is eliminated even when "turn-down" approaches zero flow;
- Versatility... various accessories, modifications, arrangements available.