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Canadian Blower, Chicago supplies replacement forward curved blowers and wheels for forward curved blowers and fans manufactured by Buffalo Blower.
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Design 51 identifies Chicago Blower series of high efficiency airfoil bladed wheels, acknowledged as the most efficient fan type for clean air applications. The double width fan configuration described boasts an enviable reputation for fan performance and reliability in a multitude of HVAC applications plus many industrial supply or exhaust ventilation systems.

With a smooth pressure curve, major changes in pressure will cause only minor changes in volume. The broad, high efficiency curve offers extensive selections from each fan size and also a wide operating range.The smooth stable air flow over the entire perform-ance range is the result of Chicago Blower deep spun inlet, wheel cones andg enerous housing proportions. Sound levels are also diminished with the improved inlet air glide path.

Rugged blower wheels of continuously welded heavy gauge steel provide maximum integrity and longevity. Wheels are also designed for high-cycle duty common with VFD control. Impeller assembly designhas been verified with a finite element analysis. Spun steel wheel cones optimize air flow while precision balancing assures dependable vibration-free operation. Strengthened housings have continuously welded heavy steel construction with rigid steel bearing supports. Stiff bracing resists distortion caused by sudden air flow variations.

For economical performance at partial loads and precise air control for systems needing to maintain a positive or negative pressure at minimal flow, the Inlet Volume Control (IVC) is recommended. Adjustable guide vanes pre-spin the entering air to produce the desired volume of air while maintaining the full amount of block off pressure. Inlet vanes are mounted entirely within the inlet cone. The IVC is suitable for automatic or manual operation. Blower outlet dampers are offered for all classes of fans, outlet dampers feature low initial cost and simple operation. However, they do not offer as large a horsepower savings at reduced air volume as the IVC. Outlet dampers have punched flanges on both ends to simplify fan and duct connections. Damper shafts are atright angles to fans haft when possible. Parallel acting blades are standard with opposed blade design optional. To mount damper on the fan, a punched flanged outlet is needed.

OEM industrial and turbo fans and blowers ventilators; high temperature pressure blowers and high temperature plug fans; oven exhaust fan blowers; filtered air make-up fan blowers.