Barry fans and blowers for industrial process, OEM and general ventilation systems. Sales of industrial high pressure Barry blowers and high volume large centrifugal and axial blowers and Barry fans, high temprature Barry ventilators, blowers, fans; roof and wall power fan ventilators for exhaust and supply.

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AB BLOWER CO. is one of the leading manufacturer of industrial air handling equipment: Centrifugal Pressure Blowers, Industrial Fans, Induced Draft Fan Ventilators, Forced Draft Fan Blowers, Primary Air Blowers, DIDW Fan Ventilators, Axial Flow Ventilators, Power Roof and Wall Fan Exhaust Ventilators, High Temperature Blowers and Fans, Explosion Proof and Spark-Reistant Fans and Blowers, Fan Dampers, Fiberglass FRP Fans, Stainless Steel Blowers, OEM Fan / Blower components, etc... for industrial air handling equipment users.
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Our infrastructural setup is our biggest strength. The state-of-the-art production unit helps us to engineer premium blowers, fans and ventilators. We constantly upgrade our technologies to keep pace with our competitors. Our ventilation engineers are involved in constant innovations for the benefit to our clients.
Since the incorporation of our company, we have maintained high quality by using best quality raw material and efficient manufacturing practices. To maintain the trust of our clients, and endeavor into improving of our products / strive to elevate the standards of quality. Our team of experts maintain the highest standards during the manufacturing process to ensure that the products are flawless.
High quality fan / blower products for multiple application available under one roof.
We specialize in making customized equipment to best suit the requirements of our clients.
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 Sales of industrial process and OEM blowers, Chicago Blower custom built fans, ventilators, high temperature oven exhaust, combustion pressure blowers.

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Chicago’s Design 47 Vane Axial fans are specified by architects, engineers and industrial firms world-wide to meet today’s environmental challenges. Chicago fans are selected for internationally renowned installations such as the Sidney Opera House, Petronas Twin Towers and United’s O’Hare Terminal. Vane axial fans are chosen for their reliability, low initial cost and space saving configuration. Chicago’s variable air volume fans provide maximum efficiency even in unpredictable environments.

Controllable Pitch fans respond automatically to changes in temperature, humidity, air flow, gas concentration and air quality. Clearly the best choice for variable air volume systems, they are also used in sensitive industrial applications to maintain constant conditions regardless of air demand.

Adjustable Pitch vane axial fans are specified for applications less critical to environmental variations, typically seasonal changes or system expansion. Blade pitch is adjusted externally at the hub to increase or decrease volume and pressure.

An inlet bell reduces entry loss and is necessary to obtain rated performance on open inlets. The inlet bell, or a casing extension, must be used with Controllable pitch fans. Heavy gauge spinning bolts to inlet flange, but is not designed to support the fan.

Since a vaneaxial fan can have a diameter about 20 % smaller than the duct, a tapered cone is used to connect with either the inlet or outlet. An inlet cone may also be used on open fans to avoid large velocity pressure loss. The flanged, punched cone bolts to fan and duct and will support fan in any position except cantilever.

For decreased maintenance, assembly will include permanently lubricated ball thrust bearings for each blade. Compatibility of turn down to zero flow shall be required when indicated. Loss of control signal or de-energizing fan will cause blades to rotate to minimum flow position.

Actuator consists of pneumatic piston with spring return mounted integrally and rotating with rotor assembly. Supply air is 80 PSI and is transferred to piston by a rotating union. Pilot positioner, suitable for 3-15 PSI control signal, is mounted externally and feedback signal is provided by cable connection to piston.
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