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Design 64 Packaged Backward Inclined Fan: Chicago Blower PBI fan is the right choice for your requirements, designed to increase the stable operating range by over 20 %. This enables you to offer a wider performance range and thereby eliminate fan sizes. Chicago Blower Design 64 PBI fan is offered in 12 sizes from 12 to 36 and in standard widths of 100 %, 75 % and 50 %. With the availability of three motor RPMs, a PBI fan will meet all your necessary performance and physical specifications. Developed initially for the dust collector industry, Chicago’s new Packaged Backward Inclined (PBI) fan is also ideal for an expanding range of applications, such as laser cutters, air filtration, and pneumatic conveying, up to 150°F. Chicago’s PBI fan is also the perfect replacement for older, less reliable fans.  Since Chicago’s PBI is a direct drive fan, initial cost is
less and belt drive problems are eliminated – periodic belt adjustments, belt squeal, horsepower guesswork. It all adds up to a more energy efficient, more dependable fan. In fact, Chicago Blower’s run tested PBI fan’s most important benefit is the reliability we add to your product.

New High Performance Wheel: Chicago has developed a new wheel for the PBI fan. The wheel uses heavy backward inclined steel blades for maximum performance in hostile environments. The PBI wheel, coupled with the streamlined inlet, virtually eliminates vibration and reduces noise levels dramatically.

Rugged Housing: Heavy gauge steel and added drive side support gussets contribute to extended vibration-free operation, critical for any installation. Continuous welding of housing assures air tight seams. The fan’s support gussets have four built-in lifting eyes for easy balanced lifting.

Punched Flanged Outlet / Inlet: Equipped as standard, both the inlet and outlet are flanged and punched for easier installation. The outlet flange allows for bolting of ductwork, dampers, blower silencers or screens directly to the fan. An optional universal inlet flange that bolts to the equipment has a larger opening and larger diameter bolt circle.

C-Face Motor Mount: Allows C-face motors to mount directly to the fan housing, creating an airtight fit-up with no shaft seal. As the motor weight is also centered over the blower wheel, stability is improved when running in the vertical position.

Withstands Adverse Environments: Since some dust collector fans are installed outside the facility and subject to year-round environments, the C-face motor is bolted directly to the housing and caulked with adhesive sealant to provide weather-proofing and keep water out.

Square: The PBI fan is also available in the square housing pioneered by Chicago Blower. Housings have welded air-tight seams with all edges flanged for exceptional rigidity, thereby allowing the fan to be installed in any of four discharge positions.

Outlet dampers are often selected as a low cost option for varying the airflow. Dampers have punched flanges on both ends to simplify fan and duct connections. Opposed acting blades are standard with parallel blades available.