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Canada Blower industrial backward curved fan is well-known durability and established performance. Available as a pre-engineered fan line, it delivers the reliability of a custom designed fan at the price and lead time of a standard production fan. Whatever your needs Canada Blower BI fan has the flexibility to fit your ventilation application. The fan wheel uses heavy backward curved ventiltor blades designed to handle dusty and harsh environments. The solid steel fan blades are also ideal for custom applied corrosion resistant coatings making Canada Blower BI blower even more versatile. Typical BI fan applications include dust collectors, thermal oxidizers, emission control systems, fume exhausters, and air filtration systems. The Design 95 can also be used in clean air applications, such as general ventilation, exhaust, forced or induced mechanical draft, air recirculation, and drying.

FCanada Blower TPB Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower is designed to provide low volume, high pressure air for cooling, ventilating and exhaust systems that handle dust, materials or corrosive fumes. The TPB is available in seven fan housing sizes that can be fitted with multiple wheel and inlet configurations to meet any performance requirement.

Canada Blower’s Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers are the perfect choice for providing low volume, high pressure air for cooling, ventilating, and exhaust systems that handle dust, materials, or corrosive fumes. Canada Blower direct drive (TPD) or belt driven (TPB) pressure blowers feature heavy duty cast aluminum fan housings with cast aluminum wheels for extra long life and trouble-free service.

Pneumatic conveying embraces both dust collecting and conveying. In a typical system the amount of material transported is low compared to the amount of air used. Usually, a large quantity of fast-flowing air is needed to assure entrainment of material. Consequently, the materials moved have little effect on the performance of the fan.